Chen Guangzu and other senior experts of Chinese automobile industry visited LIGOO

In the morning of 13, April, senior expert of the Chinese automotive industry, member of China National Automotive Industry Consulting Committee Chen Guangzu and other experts visit LIGOO. Dr. Liu Xintian, general manager of the company, expressed his warm welcome to the arrival of Mr. Chen Guangzu.

In the symposium, Mr. Chen Guangzu listened attentively to report of the company profile and strategic objectives. He pointed out that the development of new energy electric vehicles is the inevitable choice of our country’s low-carbon development path. As a company who has advanced core technology of battery management system (BMS), LIGOO will have broad development prospects and huge market in the future. Mr. Chen Guangzu still stressed that nowadays domestic new energy electric vehicles already have the conditions of industrialization, and LIGOO should seize the opportunity, increase research and development, and promote new energy electric cars from a simple demonstration stage to the stage of industrialization.

The experts then visited the company's R & D and production departments and expressed sympathy and encouragement to the workers at the production line. They hope that our employees to behave against arrogance and rashness, stick to good quality, and make more contributions to the company's growth. After finish the visit, Mr. Chen Guangzu highly praised LIGOO as "LIGOO New Energy, first-class technology”, and was pleased to write down a blessing slogan “Wish LIGOO BMS a better future”, wishing LIGOO to have greater progress in new energy vehicle electric control industry.

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