Anhui LIGOO shines in 2011 Chinese electric car industry summit

March 10, 2011, "2011 China Electric Car Industry Development Summit” was held in Pudong, Shanghai. More than 100 experts and scholars from the United States, Germany, Japan, South Korea and other countries and regions attended the summit. During the meeting, many successful people from the National Development and Reform Commission, General Motors, FAW Group, Siemens, World Electric Vehicle Association, and LIGOO warmly discussed on ”how to make infrastructure construction accord with the development of China's electric vehicle industry". The meeting made a number of constructive results and can be seen as a landmark meeting in the history of China new energy vehicles.

Doctor of University of Science and Technology of China, LIGOO general manager Mr. Liu Xintian’s speech aroused the concern of journalists. As a famous young expert in the field of new energy electronic control, Dr. Liu is the earliest scholar engaged in new energy automotive electronic control systems and has participated in “National 863 new energy directional release project". Within just six months, LIGOO core technology research and industrialization of BMS has been highly recognized. Within one year, company value rapidly increased more than ten times. LIGOO is sought after by several well-known venture capital institutions and recently completed its first round of financing.

Dr. Liu has put forward new ideas on the future of new energy vehicles’ BMS: “Multi-resolution, full life cycle, and the pan-lithium materials BMS technology." This view aroused extensive attention and discussion among many scholars domestic and abroad. The experts agree with this view very much and believe that LIGOO BMS can represent the industry's highest standards. Many participants expressed the strong willingness to cooperate with LIGOO.

As founder of World Electric Vehicle Association, Chairman of Asia-Pacific Electric Vehicle Association, Academy of Engineering, and "the father of electric vehicles in Asia", academician Chen Qingquan spoke highly of Dr. Liu Xintian’s research in BMS, and hope that LIGOO can be the standards makers and leaders of BMS industry and can promote the rapid development of BMS industry.

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