LIGOO will participate in “China's Intellectual Grid & Electricity Exhibition”

The Second China's Intellectual Grid & Electricity Exhibition (CIGEE for short) will be held in Beijing National Convention Center from 28 March to 30 March, 2012. Based on the rapid developing and prosperous Chinese market, LIGOO will fully demonstrate the latest products and technology achievements of smart grid research and application in this exhibition, will display advanced solutions for BESS (battery energy storage station) from all aspects, and thus hope to provide information, technical and product support for China’s smart grid energy storage technology innovation.

The LIGOO BMS and full set of solutions of ES series is mainly applied in energy storage of smart grid. As the expansion and extension of the conventional power grid, by means of informatization, the Smart Grid is to achieve intelligent communication and precision and complementary power supply in the process of energy resource development, power generation, transmission, storage, distribution, supply, sale and consumption. Based on the security of electricity supply, Smart Grid will also improve energy efficiency and maximize the acceptance of renewable energy. In this case, it will save electricity costs and reduce environmental stress. Energy storage solution is the best way to help balance the interests of all parties and effectively regulate the energy resources, which is also an important prerequisite of renewable energy application and an effective means to achieve grid interactive management. Without intelligent energy storage, smart grid can not be realized. LIGOO BMS is mainly composed by BMU (battery module unit), BCU (battery cascade unit), and BAU (battery array unit). We can also add screens and high voltage management unit to BMS according to customer requirements. By composing networks with different specifications of PCS, BMS can manage the energy storage power station whose power levels range from tens of kW to tens of MW.

LIGOO is transiting from BMS product provider to professional energy storage solution provider.

We sincerely invite you to visit LIGOOO booth!

Venue: Beijing National Convention Center

Booth No.: A099


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