Anhui LIGOO New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. (LIGOO for short) is a Hi-tech company that specializes in the technical research, product development and system integration of battery management system (BMS for short). Almost all members of the core team are graduated from the University of Science and Technology of China and has finished the sub-subject “electric vehicles BMS” of major special project “National 863 Program”. They had studied BMS technology for many years. LIGOO BMS has represented the highest level of the industry, which enjoys the reputation of “enabling the battery to think”. For the first time, the breakthrough technology successfully realizes the chemical-electric energy storage with large capacity, high security, long life-cycle and reliability.Having the proprietary intellectual property rights and the most advanced technology in the field of BMS, LIGOO has developed a product line of eleven series and twenty-nine types through the operation of industrialization. and it has been widely applied in electric vehicle, new energy access, smart grid and power supply in the rural areas.  LIGOO is able to develop the products to meet the all-round needs of users.


LIGOO currently is the draft unit of National BMS Standard for electric vehicles, who has finished the sub-subject “electric vehicles BMS” of major special project “National 863 Program”, and deputy group chief unit for system design, monitoring management and protection of the high capacity energy storage system for “National 863 Program”. Due to the excellent personnel who aspiring to achieve the perfect,successful practices in 46 nations, 227 highly-flexible and accurate models of the battery and continuous technological innovation, LIGOO makes the electric energy storage cleaner and more efficient. Furthermore it influences the connotation of the industry’s development.


As a professional and leading provider of BMS R&D, manufacture and service, LIGOO is committed to providing the best products and technical service to the global energy manufacturers, solution providers and end-users. Currently, LIGOO has gained a stable market share of being top BMS manufacturers. LIGOO will realize energy-saving and emission-reduction in a more scientific and controllable manner, thereby offering the continuous driving forces for sustainable utilization of the new energy and social advances.

LIGOO's mission:
Offer advanced technology steadily,create value for our customers continuously.

Core competence:
Provide high performance price ratio and high quality goods.

Provide more timely delivery and more accurate service than opponents.


Core Value:

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